Designed for your peace of mind, Total Web Care makes it easy and affordable to get your site up quickly and keep it running smooth and secure. 

  • Premium Website Hosting
  • Consistent software & security updates
  • Ongoing backups to secure location
  • 24/7 monitoring for threats & unusal activity
  • Domain name management
  • One person to call for all things web

Responsive Website Design

I design beautiful and responsive websites Google loves because they’re fast, clean and properly configured.  

Branded Websites

Speed and responsiveness are important – but you also want your site to look great and feel on-brand. Your site should be built around the foundation of your brand and strategy.  If we’ve just completed the branding process, designing and building the website comes together efficiently because we have all the pieces ready.

WordPress Websites

If you are interested in doing updates yourself, I include two training sessions to help you get to know your way around and cover all the basic tasks. After the launch, I’m always available for trouble-shooting or help as needed.

Website Design Process

My process keeps the project moving forward, with milestones and reviews at key points so you can feel confident with the project.

These steps can be simple or in-depth depending on the needs and budget.

Milestones along the way keep you informed where the project is, and give you peace of mind knowing it’s heading in the right direction. 

After launch, I can keep the brand strong by keeping pages up-to-date, and creating graphics ensuring brand standards are being followed.  The many components that make up your brand need to be crafted carefully to fit the brand and strategy.  


Premium Website Hosting

I offer premium, secure website hosting exclusively for my clients. 

Total Web Care Plan

I designed the Total Web Care plan to help my clients manage their websites and make their lives easier. The plan is available exclusively to my web clients and is meant to give you peace of mind around your website so you can pay attention to running your business.

Most website hosting companies offer cheap hosting by keeping hundreds or even thousands of websites on a single server. This is called “shared hosting” and it means you are sharing the same resources – which will make your site run slow.  It also means that your website and users are vulnerable to viruses, malware, blacklisting and other issues caused by other websites on that shared server.

By offering managed VPS hosting exclusively to my clients, I am able to handle the technical management of the server and ensure your site is secure, running smooth and is free from bugs, viruses and malware. Since the server will only be hosting my client’s websites, you will have all the resources your site needs, making it up to 400% faster than websites on shared hosting environments.

Total Web Care includes:

  • High quality, fast and dedicated website hosting

  • Consistent software and security updates

  • Ongoing backups to a secure, remote location

  • 24/7 monitoring for unusual activity

  • A single point of contact for all things related to your website


Have a website on your mind?

Send me a quick message and we can set up a time to talke about your project and goals.

For website projects I like to start with a quick phone call to get up to speed about where you’re at with the project and gather all the details I need to put together a proposal for your review.

About a week from the consultation,  I’ll send you a proposal for you to review and send to stake holders.


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