Music can do things for your brand.

Using original “on-brand” music for your Youtube videos, presentations, trailers and more can distinguish your brand and make you even more memorable.

  • Audio Identity
  • Youtube Video Music
  • Movie Intro & Trailers
  • Brand Themes
  • Presentations
  • Commercials

Commercial Audio

Original Music

What could music do for your brand?


Dance Tracks

Meditation Music

The album Dharma Drone, was recorded to be used as a fundraising tool for the elephant advocacy organization, Heart of Ganesh.

Thinking about adding some original music to your brand?

Send me a quick message and we can set up a time to talk about what you’re looking for.

Depending on the size of the job, I will either send a proposal for you to review, or for small tasks, reply with an email confirming the scope of work, deliverables, timeline, and cost.


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