Being tasked with branding a business, organization or project can be scary. Where do you start?

Start by sending me an email and we can discuss what brand components make the most sense and fit within your budget. I’ll put together a proposal based on the scope of work. From focus groups and workshops, to crafting brand identity, website hosting, and print material – I make it simple by being the single point of contact throughout the project.

  • Logo Design
  • Print Materials
  • Typography & Color Palettes
  • Archetype Discovery
  • Brand Books & Style Guides
  • Brand Stories & Messaging
  • Company Naming
  • Taglines & Positioning Statements
  • Brand Manifestos

Ancient Art. Modern Science.

Above all, branding is a system to manage meaning. This is why I use archetypes.

Archetypes are the personalities, forms, images and beliefs shared by all cultures worldwide. They are universally understood frameworks of values, motivations and characteristics embodied by a particular type of personality.

Oral and written traditions from cultures all over the globe are filled with the same characters and relationships, going through the same types of experiences, learning the same lessons and values. Our subconscious is filled with these same stories and meanings.

By aligning your brand with the traits of one or two archetypes, you add a built-in frame of reference and deeper meaning to your brand, leading to more powerful relationships.

Examples of Archetypal Brands

Archetypal branding uses these patterns and characters to create an authentic framework that people can relate to. It helps them understand what you’re about and why it matters to them.

  • HERO  =  Nike

  • REBEL  =  Harley Davidson

  • JESTER  =  Carls Junior

  • INNOCENT  =  Dove Soap

  • LOVER  =  Godiva Chocolate

  • RULER  =  Microsoft


The same simple process is followed whether it’s a business, non profit or city initiative.

These steps can be simple or in-depth depending on the needs and budget.

Milestones along the way keep you informed where the project is, and give you peace of mind knowing it’s heading in the right direction. The many components that make up your brand need to be crafted carefully to fit the brand and strategy.  

After launch, I can keep the brand strong by keeping materials up-to-date, ensuring brand standards are being followed. 

Let's uncover your brand and shine the inside out.

Send me a quick message and we can set up a time to talk about your project and goals.

For brand and identity projects,  I like to start with a quick phone call to get up to speed about where you’re at with the project and gather all the details I need to put together a proposal for your review.

In about a week,  I’ll send you a proposal for you to review and send to stake holders.


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